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The Saddest Sound (coming end November)



Writing for the hell of it

While initially established to provide a platform solely for his own prose work, Lepus Books has now extended its remit to offer access to works which, overlooked by the mainstream, nonetheless appeal to Jamie Delano’s own idiosyncratic taste and, in his opinion, deserve the chance of an audience.

Limited capacity at this time however decrees that the platform is available by invitation only; we regret we are unable to consider unsolicited submissions.


DIGITAL EDITIONS of Lepus Books titles are now available at a reasonable price via Indie Selections – a new platform offering indie digital media: books, comics, music and more…

Please take a look by clicking here.

Print editions are of course still available for purchase, via their respective pages, should you prefer your reading matter in a more tangible form.


LEPUS BOOKS is happy to supply independent booksellers and comic shops, and our authors are available to offer support with signings and/or readings.  Please CONTACT us for details.


In 2012 the imprint launched with BOOK THIRTEEN, Delano’s first prose novel, published under the name A. William James.

Kiss My ASBO, an acclaimed debut novel by Alistair Fruish, is now available to purchase.

Leepus: DIZZY is a second offering from Delano.

The Things You Do is Deborah Delano’s memoir of growing up working class and lesbian in 1970s Britain.

Review copies may be available on request


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