Richard Foreman

Having completed a BA in literature at Essex University in 1973, Richard Foreman took on a variety of occupations including community arts and theatre work. In the late 1980s, writing as ‘Dick Foreman’, he became a full time scriptwriter of comic strips, progressing from one-off stories to a monthly series for US publisher DC comics. ‘Black Orchid’ ran for two years. Following this, his working life switched to other interests, but for twenty years he continued writing quarterly scripts for photo-stories/comic strips in ‘Who Cares?’, a national magazine for children in care. Since 2009 he has returned full time to writing. Following a series of well-received articles for Alan Moore’s ‘Dodgem Logic’ magazine, he began work on ‘Wilful Misunderstandings’. He has recently contributed to the magazines ‘Roundyhouse’ and ‘Tears in the Fence’ and is currently writing a novel.

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