Kiss My ASBO


A5 perfect bound – 155pp


Spiked with a blue pill. Out cold for long time. Days spent sparko. When you come round you’re different. Full on smarter: ramped up grey cells maxed. Genius.

But blud, trying to dig up an ultra famous corpse was maybe a bit too clever. . .

What people have said about Kiss My ASBO

“A crackling underclass odyssey through the drug-fugues, psychogeography and morphing language of contemporary exclusion zones, Alistair Fruish’s Kiss My ASBO is sink-estate science fiction, a crime yarn out after curfew or the pilot for a situation comedy in Hell, and it speaks with a sharply-observed and entirely modern urban voice. Recommended.”  Alan Moore – Voice of the Fire, V for Vendetta, Watchmen 

“…something completely original, fun, street and moving at the same time. Stylistically rich and grimy all at once…I loved it, first page to last. And the fight with the security men – classic. I was laughing out loud reading…it was so inventive.”  Courttia Newland – The Book of Blues, The Scholar, Ic3: The Penguin Book of New Black Writing in Britain (Editor)

“An incredibly original voice that freshens contemporary fiction – unputdownable.”  Alex Wheatle – Brixton Rock, East Of Acre Lane, Brenton Brown 

“In ten years time everyone you know will claim to have read this book first.”  Russ Litten – Scream If You Want To Go Faster, Swear Down

“An inventive work of contemporary fiction from an imaginative, new
and distinctive voice.”  Yvvette Edwards – A Cupboard Full of Coats

“Your book is top banana, really original voice and full of sparky ideas. It would make a great movie, it’s just the right length too.”  Mike Jay – Emperors of Dreams: Drugs In The 19th Century, The Influencing Machine

“A grippingly riotous (in more ways than one) masterpiece from start to finish: an underclass classic that’s fast, funny, inventive, touching, aware and, ultimately, achingly human. Marvelous, transformative stuff that hurtles along and leaves you hungry for more, Alistair Fruish’s Kiss my ASBO is a truly remarkable piece of work.   And pretty damn cool, too. Read it.”  Steve Moore – Somnium

“Alistair Fruish’s debut novel KISS MY ASBO is a tale of gonzo sink-estate ambitions taken to their illogical conclusion. It’s simultaneously authentic and fantastic, effortlessly original, and comes highly recommended.”  John Higgs – The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds, The Brandy of the Damned.

“Where can I get one of those blue pills?”  Barry Miles – William Burroughs: El Hombre Invisible; London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945

 “When ‘Fear and Loathing’ meets ‘Lock, Stock’ and moves into the Shires the effect on the consciousness is truly staggering. Kiss My ASBO, a very British celebration of the anarchic potential of the mind.”  John Row – Storyteller & Poet

“A fascinating, funny and brilliantly compiled guide to the ‘nadsat’ of today.”  David  Bowker – How to be Bad, The Death You Deserve

“A very interesting, accessible and innovative novel.” Dr David Clark – Gender, Violence and the Past in Edda and Saga

“Kiss My ASBO is a riot, a riot that is endlessly, inventively, unpredictably laugh-out-loud funny.You don’t often get a slavering rottweiller grabbing your throat with quite this eloquence but here the language is furiously balletic, torn from the classical cannon and lobbed in the future forensically peeling back the tired sops of neomodernism to nail the insults to life lived…Fruish has that rare-enough knack of making complex philosophical and political exploration snortingly funny (and very moreish)…Fruish-world, drawn with deceptive simplicity and skilfully sustained, is as dementedly hormonal as adolescence… Kiss My ASBO is a mercurial shape shifter, in different lights and at the same time, it is a rite of passage, a fragile love story, a comic and a thriller. It should be on every school reading list – the Revolution could kick off. . .”  Sheila Mulhern

“Eediat bwoy, I read ya badminded book today. Northampton town breeds some nex level terrorists. Good and proper me old duck. Enjoyable read. Big up.”  Kev – The window cleaner, via text. (No it’s not a book – he’s a window cleaner.)

 “Absolutely loved the book. Poetic and very funny in places. I really enjoyed your style of writing. I think often with books about young people the authors dumb down the writing – which you didn’t do at all. Love the blue pill story line, it’s that bit different.”  Nicola C. (A teacher, who works with very, very, naughty young people, in a highly specialised secure place)

“So good I decided to publish it.”  Jamie Delano

“The group enjoyed Kiss My ASBO: it made us laugh and we appreciated the moral dilemmas presented in it. The last question left to ask: do we want a blue pill ourselves?
Opinion is divided. Some think it’s a great idea, but others would prefer quite the oppo-
site; a pill that turns off our intelligence!”  (click to read full review) Kiss My ASBO considered by Inside Time

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