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INGLUND: a near-future alternate reality of my devising, in which those with a noir sensibility and an appreciation of scatalogical humour and bloody violence are likely to find some diversion.

LEEPUS: the poka playing, drug-fuelled guide who’s eager to lead you astray there.

J. D.


“Pure Delano at his badminded best.”  Alistair FruishKiss My ASBO

“Trippy, thought-provoking, and well worth your time.”  Stuart Moore – EGOs

“In a real sense, Delano is the anti-Gibson. There is not even a veneer of longing for the past, it’s simply one more commodity, one that comes covered in blood. Sentiment brings destruction here. Another dark alley to avoid. Leepus own acknowledgment’s of the past, his past, cut him to the quick. Without giving too much away, in the end we are given a very dark meditation on what it means to live with your art. It’s decidedly bittersweet.”     Joe HilliardAsylum Ink (click for full review)




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